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Translations to all languages

The Bilingua is the first translation agency in Hungary which translates to all major languages of the world. Quick service, affordable prices. We will bring the rest of the world closer to you.

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What we


Certified translations

Certified translations with stamp and clause, translations in a certain area of expertise in Budapest with the help of Bilingua Translation Agency, in English, German, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French and other languages.

Branches in more cities

Bilingua Translation Agency is already available in other cities apart from Budapest (Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged, Nyíregyháza, Győr, Kecskemét, Pécs). Quality translations in a short amount of time. We will help you communicate with your clients wherever in the world they may live.

Translations to all languages

Bilingua Translation Agency is the only translation agency in Hungary which can translate to any other language from English. We work quickly and our prices are down to earth so we can bring the rest of the world closer to you.

Translation to all languages...

Can be anywhere, we will help you understand the word!

Translation prices

or how much does a translation cost?

What does the price of a translation depend on?

The target language (the rarer it is, the higher the price)

Text complexity (general text or a text in a certain area of expertise)

Deadline (normal, urgent, express: “you needed it done yesterday.”

The less time we have, the more expensive the translation will be. Our translators like to earn a little more when they are working nights instead of at a normal daytime work pace. The source language can also greatly influence the price as a Norwegian translator living in Norway may not work with Budapest prices and these Scandinavian languages are not spoken fluently by many people here in Hungary.

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Business and financial


We translate business correspondence, e-mails, price quotations, Excel charts, powerpoint presentations, financial texts, annual reports, balance sheets, profit reports, company registers, specimen signatures, tax certifications, certificates of residence, court orders, decisions, contracts (purchase, rental, and work contracts), PR articles, blog posts, catalogs, brochures.

Budapest Translation Agency, here to help you communicate with the world

Quick translations, same day delivery

Translation, interpreting, 
proofreading, localisation

Website, webshop localisation

Websites and webshops translated into foreign languages in Budapest at affordable prices. A website is a marketing tool with a relatively low maintenance cost that can bring you a lot of business.

Since joining the European Union, many Hungarian companies feel that they could be active role players in the markets of the neighboring countries, however, the language barrier may sometimes prevent them from taking the right steps.

Bilingua Translation Agency Budapest is here to help you make your website understood in other countries. We do not just translate, but we localize as well, this means that when your website is viewed by visitors abroad, they will not be able to tell that they are looking at a foreign site.

We are able to translate websites of just about any European language. But we are also able to help when it comes to other languages. Ask for a price quotation at:

In the case of several websites or if you choose to have your website translated into several languages we can provide you with a significant discount.

Besides translation, we can give you SEO and search engine marketing tips in the area of the given market as we work in this area as well.



The secret to English-Hungarian translation

Cooperation between the client and the translation agency is very important for high-quality English and German translations, thus translation is sort of a joint project. The client, because this is their area of expertise, knows the text that is to be translated very well, as it contains the aim of their business and/or activity.

And the translators working for the translation agency know the given language very well, but they may not be as knowledgeable in the particular field (technical, legal, medical and healthcare) as the client company’s experts. If you have specific ideas about the text that is to be translated, for example, if you would like certain expressions translated in a particular way, then please send us a glossary to use during the translation process. In case of certain technical documents, it can also be of help to us if we are in contact with your company. We can meet personally in Budapest and discuss which expression fit best in the text

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