Translation of Operator’s Manuals

Translation of operational manuals

We translate operational manuals and instruction manuals to most languages.

Translation of instruction manuals, logbooks, manuals and instructions is a special area of technical translation. Before translating an instruction manual it is a good idea to compile a glossary of the most often used words and expressions. If you already have a translation in this language, please send it to us along with the text to be translated and we will translate your instruction manual based on it.

Technical translation in Budapest

Quick and precise technical translations in Budapest, we translate instruction manuals to agricultural machinery, product descriptions and machine specifications quickly.

During the past few years Bilingua Translation Agency has translated an increasing number of logbooks and manuals in Eastern European languages. We translate Romanian, Slovakian, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian technical texts and manuals in Budapest.

Our list of most often translated languages give you a little more insight into our scope of activities. The translation fees are a guideline.

What we have recently been translating:

  • manuals, logbooks
  • instructions
  • operational manuals
  • agricultural machinery instruction manuals
  • product descriptions
  • game/toy descriptions
  • sowing machinery instruction manuals
  • catalogs, air compressor catalogs
  • fire safety texts
  • quality assurance texts
  • automobile instruction manualsin the follwoing languages:

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian, Estonian, Polish, Bulgarian.

To order a technical translation send the text to be translated to and we will get back to you shortly with a price quotation.

Quality technical translation in Budapest and all over the country, quickly and precisely. Order a translation from any city in Hungary or from abroad. Here at Bilingua, we do not believe in the impossible.

Maintaining the original format

When translating an instruction manual we greatly emphasize maintaining the original format. If necessary we use photoshop in order to make sure the images are in the right place and so the pictures’ captions are also translated to the chosen language.

Translation of product catalogs, brochures and flyers

If creating a catalog requires greater graphic design experience it may be better if these are done by your company with the help of existing image and graphics files. In the case of a finished larger size catalog the images often appear compressed and if we are re-processing the compressed files, then the saved final product will not be as sharp, colorful and attractive as the original catalog. In this case it is recommended that the translation be sent back to the client in a Word document. This way they can work with their own graphic designers to create the perfect end product.

Two-way communication between the translator and the client

Translators may speak a given language perfectly, but they cannot be experts in every field. It is entirely possible that if you manufacture and/or distribute a certain kind of machinery or equipment, then you know a lot more about their characteristics than the average person. It can greatly help the quality of the translation if you simply, in broad terms explain to us what the machine, tool or equipment’s purpose is so we can have a better idea of its function and characteristics.

When translating an instruction manual our translators, strive to delve deep into the literature of the given area in order to gain knowledge of the professional expressions that are most often used, so that we can a produce a high quality translation which can be useful to all involved.

It may also happen that you know exactly what a certain component is called in the target language, but you do not have time to translate the material yourself. In this case it can help us a great deal if you write down how you would like certain expressions to be translated and whether you have specifications for certain words. After the translation has been completed you will read the document and if you find that some of the words or expression were not translated to properly convey the meaning of the particular component or object, then we will be happy to correct the translation based on your suggestions.

We translate technical texts, instructions and operational manuals from English, German, French and Slovakian to Hungarian in Budapest or anywhere in the country.