Translation of Instruction Manuals

Instruction manual translation in Budapest with the help of Bilingua Translation Agency to over 40 foreign languages from English or other foreign languages.

In the case of new or old products it is very important that the instruction manual be available in several different languages. If you wish to distribute your product abroad it is necessary that the product’s instruction manual be available in the language of the target country. Often, it is not enough to literally translate the original document, in fact, sometimes, this can be misleading. The reader must feel that the translation speaks to them in their own language.

Translation of English instruction manuals to other languages

Bilingua works together with native translators who know the grammar and stylistic toosl of the given language perfectly. Instead of a literal translation, they adapt the meaning of the original text into the target language. Thus, the translated instruction manual will be a native text.

When translating an instruction manual we do not only translate the text, but the captions of the graphics and the diagrams as well.

What sort of equipment can we translate manuals for?

There can be manuals and instructions for just about anything, but we most often work with the following documents:

  • translation of agricultural machine, tractor, combine and sowing machinery instruction manuals
  • TV and radio instruction manuals
  • Irons, kitchen appliances, stovse, microwaves, etc
  • Fasn, air conditioning, washing machines
  • Alarms, compressors, CD players
  • Hand-held drills, welding machines, saws and other tools
  • sports equipment, bicycles and bicycle accessories
  • Car, bus, truck and motorcycle accessories

Maintaining the format of the instruction manual

As per the client’s requirements we maintain the original format from which we extract the text and replace it after translation. This way the instruction manual will be completely the same as the original, only in a different language.

Order an instruction manual translation

1. Send us the instruction manual to be translated to and let us know the deadline you have in mind.

2. We will analyze the text and provide a price quotation within an hour

3. Let us know whether you accept our offer.

4. After we have come to an greement, we will begin working on your text and we will send the translation back to you   within the deadline

That’s all there is to it. You can pay for the completed translation via PayPal or bank transfer.

What languages do we translate instruction materials into? Over 40 foreign languages, mostly European, but we can accommodate any request, because we work with an extensive translator base from all over the world!

For further information call 06 30 219 9300. Our colleagues will be happy to provide you with information, or write to us at!

Quality instruction manual translation

Quality instruction manual translation from English to other languages, quickly, professionally, precisely. We can send the translated text back to you not only as a Word document, but with the help of our graphic team we can create different formats, edit the images and graphics in the instruction manual and rewrite the captions even if they are in the image.

We strive to maintain the original appearance, this means we pay attention to fonts and the highlighting with italics and bold letters, we will retain the images and the formatting of the complete instruction manual. Naturally, we translate from other languages as well as English (German, Italian, Slovakian, Czech, French, Spanish, etc.).

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