Catalog Translation

With native translators

Catalog translation in Budapest by Bilingua Translation Agency to English, French, German, Italian, Croatian, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Estonian, Polish, Mongolian and other foreign languages.

Our native translators translate catalogs to over 40 foreign languages. The more languages your catalog is available in, the greater chance you have to expand your customer base!

We also translate foreign language catalogs to Hungarian, not only Hungarian catalogs to other languages, or we can translate them to another foreign language as well. The language pair depends on you!

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About catalog translation

We know that companies put a lot of work into their catalogs, not only the text, but also the design. The catalogs’ appearance is an important aspect for companies and if the catalog is translated it is important that the appearance is retained.

What does Bilingua offer when it comes to catalog translation?

We will maintain the original format while translating the text to the language of your choosing. We can simultaneously translate it to several languages as the client wishes. We recommend that you have your catalog translated not only to one language, because the more foreign languages it is available in, the more successful your busines can be by reaching a wider target market.

Catalog texts are translated by native translators. The translators at Bilingua Translation agency in Budapest know that when translating a catalog it is important that the target audience feel like they are being spoken to in their native language, this helps to build trust with customers. In this case literal translation is not the way to go, because this cannot reproduce the sense of the native language. Thus, our professional translators will not translate the catalog word for word, but rather strive to get the meaning across.

Bilingua Translation agency maintains the original format of your catalog and we will arrange the translated text the same way as it was in the original

Order a catalog translation from Bilingua

Send us the catalog to be translated in any format to and we will send you a price quotation within an hour as well as a recommended deadline, we will complete the translation in the format of your choosing and send the finished product back to you!

Catalog translations from English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Slovakian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Slovenian and other languages! Quality translations in over 40 languages, quickly and affordably with the help of Bilingua Translation Agency. You can contact us immediately.