About us

Translation and Interpretation

Bilingua Translation Agency is here to help you with our translation and interpretation services.

Bilingua in Budapest is a translation agency that places great emphasis on precision and quality and all at a competitive price. English Translation, German Translation, Other Languages.


This month we will give you 20% off of your first order giving you the opportunity to try the service and quality Bilingua Translation Agency represents with favorable conditions. The discount applies to the first 10.000 characters. Official English translation in Budapest. Official, complete with stamp and clause, Hungarian and English translation in Budapest from professional translators.

Our English translators have an excellent knowledge of both American and British English. Express and ASAP translations of certificates of no criminal record to English, quick translations to English in Budapest with extraordinary deadlines every day of the week, even on Sunday. Request the official translation of any document to English. We most often translate the following documents from Hungarian to English:

  • high school diploma
  • college and university degrees/diplomas/certificates
  • language exam certificates
  • birth certificates, marriage certificates
  • technical translations, instruction manuals
  • company documents, signature specimens, company registry extracts, certificates of incorporation
  • contracts, agreements, gift contracts, purchase contracts, distribution contracts, framework contracts, legal documents translated to English, English legal translations in Budapest

Translation Agency in Budapest

Bilingua Translation Agency has become one of Budapest’s favorite translation and interpretation agencies thanks to our quick translations and very affordable prices. With us, translations are available to everyone and this does not take away from the quality. Ask us for a price quotation via email and you will have the answer to your question within an hour, or click on the ‘price quotation immediately’ menu point and and calculate for yourself how much the translation is going to cost!

At our translation agency in Budapest we can produce ASAP and urgent translations even on weekends and holidays. Bilingua Translation Agency puts great emphasis on exceptionally quick service and quality translations. We have small and large business owners among our clientele and we hope you will soon experience for yourself that we really love what we do. So try us out now!

Which languages do we translate most often?

Bilingua Translation Agency in Budapest has been translating mainly the following languages recently: English Language, German Language, Italian Language, French Language, Portuguese Language, Dutch Language, Spanish Language, Serbian Language, Croatian Language, Russian Language, Ukrainian Language, Czech Language, Slovakian Language, romanian Language, Mongolian Language, Estonian Language, Bulgarian Language, Slovenian Language, Polish Language.

Whatever your request may be, our attitude is that we are here to help and we strive to solve any task at the highest quality possible.

How do I order a translation?

Send an email to info@bilingua.hu. Send us the text and what language you would like it translated to and the deadline you need it by. Within an hour we will send you a price quotation and detailed information. You can send us the text in most generally used formats: Word, Excel, PDF or PPT.

How do I pay for the translation?

You can pay or transfer the fee to our CIB Bank account: 10700505 64281311 51100005. If you are ordering from abroad, then you can pay via PayPal, too.

When will my translation be done?

In the case of most languages we will finish the first ten pages in 2-3 days. If we are talking about longer texts, then we will discuss the deadline. Let us know if the translation is urgent, because we are able to work nights if we have to. Official translations in Budapest and other cities of the country, such as Debrecen, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza, Kecskemét, Szeged, Győr, Pécs, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém, Szombathely and Békéscsaba. We work together with many foreign translation agencies, whether it is a Slovakian, Romanian, German, Swiss or Portuguese agency.

English interpretation

Official English interpreters in Budapest and other cities. Interpretation of the following kinds:

  • simultaneous English interpretation
  • consecutive and accompanying interpretation
  • conference and lecture interpretation in English
  • whispering interpretation and other kinds of interpretation

Interpretation at conferences

The task of a Hungarian-English conference interpreter is to interpret what is being said to the audience at the highest quality possible. English interpreters in Budapest may be hired for the whole day, which means eight hours, or for half a day, that is, four hours. It greatly helps the interpreter’s work if before the conference they are provided with enough material to prepare for the subject matter at hand. The better informed the interpreter is, the more fluently and smoothly they will be able to carry out their task and interpret what is being said.

During the course of the conference the interpreter helps interpret the questions and helps the audience to understand the lecturer’s answers, interpretation of presentations, medical conferences, business negotiations in English, official English interpreter in Budapest, so you can more efficiently negotiate with your clients and not have to wrack your brain with the rules of English grammar.

A good interpreter is almost invisible, they remain completely in the background, while what is being said will be unequivocal. This means they will always say what we mean and not what we would be able to say with our limited English skills. However Bilingua has put a lot of emphasis on the English language over the years, recently there is an increasing tendency toward Eastern European languages.

After Hungary joined the European Union and the neighboring countries experienced an economic uptick, an increasing number of Hungarian business wish to be present on the Eastern European markets. Due to this, we have experienced an increase in Hungarian-Romanian translations, Hungarian-Slovakian translations, Hungarian-Czech translations, Hungarian-Serbian translations, Hungarian-Croatian translations and Hungarian-Slovenian translations.

Bilingua Translation agency is proud to say that,in the case of most languages, we are able to translate a several hundred page document in a week. Of course, the more time we have to work on the translation, the better it is for us. We believe that even though no-one can speak all languages, because that is impossible, we here at Bilingua speak at least a few!