Business and Economics Translation

Quality translations

Quality translations in the areas of economics and business, finance, marketing, accounting, reports and balance sheets.

Our translation agency often receives requests to translate or revise existing presentations or training materials. We usually receive these requests from larger multinational companies operating in Hungary, but many small and medium businesses also consider it important to have their company documents translated precisely and professionally.

Translating business correspondence

We usually translate emails and different letters and reports in English and German in a short amount of time, often sending them back to the client within a few hours. Often it will also happen that during the course of a day the client receives several replies via email, which we can flexibly and very quickly translate and send back to the client.

Translation of economics texts

Economics, whether it is micro or macro-economy, is a very important area which can only be translated by a professional who knows the appropriate words and expressions. We translate lectures, publications and conference materials to English or from English to other languages, news articles, extracts, studies, theses and dissertations precisely and professionally.

Accounting documentation, tax documents, balance sheets

We will produce an official translation complete clause and stamp which is accepted by the tax authorities or domestic and foreign banks and financial institutions. Precise translations of result reports, balance sheets, reports, financial perspectives, cash-flow analyses, business reports and quarterly results.

Translation of marketing, PR and communication materials

High quality, precise translations of advertising texts, banner captions, marketing and PR texts, articles and publications. We can translate communication materials, tenders and EU documents in as short a time as 24 hours.

Whatever you may need in the areas of business and economic,s we will help you in your communication everyday of the week, you can even call us on Sunday!